Constructing a New Blog

August 13, 2010

I am moving my artwork from an older and clumsy website on Yahoo to a blog.  It is a slow process learning the blogspot workings, but I am trying to move forward a bit each day. Check it out and make comments or suggestions…lookingclosernow….thanks,  marty

A Sketching Date

August 11, 2010

From what I am hearing, we still have a sketching date tomorrow at 10 at  Riverside Park. Let’s plan on meeting even if is raining (as it is as I write this )…we can find someplace to go…marty

I am taking Maudene to lunch after for her birthday if anyone wants to join us…

Back Home

August 8, 2010

It’s good to be home. Not quite sure how to begin. It’s kind of like a blank canvas…so much that could be done.  Bed might be the most creative option. 

“Art, after all, rarely emerges from committees…While others’ reactions need not cause problems for the artist, they usually do.  The problems arise when we confuse others’ priorities with our own.  We carry real and imagined critics with us constantly..a veritable babble of voices….all eager to comment on all we do.” Bayles/ Orland

Studio Images

August 6, 2010

These photos were taken by Rachel Stewart, another workshop participant..

Finding a Flow

August 6, 2010

Tomorrow is our last studio session with Barry.  I feel I am just beginning to find that place of attention and flow in some small way and wish this could continue at least another week. Today we warmed up with gesture drawings..long ones lasting about 30 seconds. Also did some 15 minute contour drawings and finally, three charcoal and white conte on dark charcoal paper.

Last night Barb and I went to the studio because we saw the lights on..walked in on Craig Lueck a graphic artist with Hallmark in Kansas City.  He was working on a delightful charcoal rendition of Barry from 6 or 7 smaller vignettes he has developed while Barry lectured. He let us look at several of his sketchbooks (that are worthy of publication) full of small watercolor sketches and pencil drawings…most with great notes or quotes, etc. If you have an opportunity to go to his blog, he has some great work posted…click here.

Barry Moser lecturing at the Glen Workshop on life drawing.

I really did not need a break from the pace here, but we got one anyway and I used it well.  I did some drawings in my moleskin making some unsuspecting “models” nervous. I spent about an hour at the Artisans Shop and managed to restrain my spending to less than $20.   Barb and I walked down to the Teahouse from the campus…about 2 miles in the heat.  We got there and sat down to read and draw and realized I had left my readers in the room….so I walked back alone on that narrow road in the heat only this time it was uphill.  I drove back.

 Here are a few books that Barry recommended to us.  I immediately purchased them and am slowly visiting the chapters he highlighted: The Shape of Content by Ben Shahn on the practices and purposes of art, On Becoming a Novelist by John Gardner (Moser says this is grandly applicable to visual artists as well), The Drawing Bible he says is a kind of unexpected resource.  It is written by Craig Nelson. I don’t remember the name of the other one…left it in my dorm room but it is on drawing and has some engaging and imaginative exercises.  I will post the title next time. marty

The Energy of the Figure

August 4, 2010

 I really feel I am being driven by a taskmaster (in a positive sense of that image)  to do these seemingly senseless scribbles. One drawing after another and one on top of another and another as the model is instructed to move from position to position while we follow that movement with the marker on page after page of cheap newprint. These are two to five second drawings. “We are creating an armature from which we build the figure.  We build it from the inside and this gesture is the energy of the figure…the essence of the figure.”

Since I read Kimon Nicolaides book (see image) years ago, I have thought this the perfect drawing discipline, but never realized how much it takes from one physically and emotionally.  Nicolaides recommends 3 hours per day of this combined with other kinds of workouts…Three hours a day could produce amazing results in our skills…There are some other aspects of this that I see developing in me as well…for another time.  marty

Moser Lecture

August 3, 2010

Jesus woodcut


Moser’s lecture turned into a film describing the production of the Pennyroyal Caxton Bible which he illustrated with woodcuts.  He decscribed in detail the process he used over the five years it took to produce this amazing work. The model was a cook he employs in his home. This art form is so versatile and he says the woodcutting itself is a craft that can be implemented while conversing or listening to music.  The art, on the other hand is (right brain) a process that requires solitude and quiet.

Gesture Drawing

Barry Moser has begun our five days with gesture drawing…this is affirming to me since that is what has made sense to me in teaching drawing..  So, I am getting some of my own medicine. I am exhausted after three hours of it.  We also did an hour of blind contour drawing.  He said a funny thing.  He said that he really could not do much in figure drawing right now since he has not done it in a while…he hesitated to do a demo.  I think that says a lot in Barry’s favor….to be vulnerable like that.  If you have seen any of his art you know he is possesses incredible skill, but it speaks of all our need to stay with a thing ….to practice continually…to challenge ourselves continually.  Keep checking back for updates on our venture to St. John’s.  Marty

Barb and I are in our second day at the Glen Workshops in Santa Fe. She is at a poetry reading and I am retreating to my computer.  We are in beautiful surroundings at a small private college, St. John’s.  Barry Moser is the instructor for the life drawing workshop I am taking.  I just bought one of his books and the image on the left is one of my favorites from that book. Thought you nature journalists might appreciate the new take on some familiar creatures. My workshop is populated with talented people from a variety of backgrounds.  Most are professional artists with different degrees of experience and some are simply brave. Figure drawing is a brave activity. It’s a bit different from petunias and tree bark, though not wholly. I have a download I would like to share with you on linear perspective that has changed my “perspective” on perspective….:) If you want it contact me at  It is an extensive 55 page read, but would be helpful to any of you serious about continuing your art ventures. Marty

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